Content + Intent.

Deciding what to say is made even more complex when trying to manage the ever-expanding list of content types that exist in various formats and department silos throughout organizations.

But consumers don’t shop in silos. They expect a seamless brand experience that gives them the content they need, when they need it, in both their online and offline worlds.


Intelligent delivery of content everywhere.

While marketers have made strides in figuring out the “how” and the “where” to target an audience, they’re challenged with delivering the “what” to impact the advertising metric that matters most — a sale.

Through the industry’s first Content Activation Engine™, Cofactor makes sense of this complexity, and empowers marketers to onboard, activate and dynamically distribute any and all content to drive sales, locally.


Online to in-store.

What consumers do online impacts where they’ll spend their time and money locally, in stores. But delivering seamless digital advertising messages that drive sales — across all online and offline channels — is still a challenge for brands.

With Cofactor, marketers can now tie the distribution of online content to measurable store-level sales performance.

Our Solutions