Cofactor has been purchased by Liquidus.

What does this mean for the future? Cofactor will be fully integrated with the Liquidus brand by September. Together, we’ll continue providing unparalleled customer service and innovative advertising experiences – with our portfolio expanding to include Liquidus’s superior programmatic media capabilities and advanced ad tech.

As the demand for more precisely-targeted, personally-relevant advertising continues to grow, you can trust that we’ll deliver the true end-to-end digital advertising you need to drive real results.

We look forward to sharing more soon!

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Dynamic Content Amplification

Cofactor empowers marketers to “micro-message” consumers with the same precision and efficiency that they currently “micro-target.”


Dynamic Site

Cofactor transforms traditional promotional content into dynamic digital content experiences that connect seamlessly with shoppers across all channels and devices.

How We Do It

Delivering intelligent content everywhere.

Through the industry’s first Content Activation Engine™, Cofactor helps bridge the divide between digital and physical worlds and enables brands to intelligently deliver content everywhere, driving sales, locally.

Our Solutions


Content Activation Engine

Toys “R” Us Reaches Across Channels to Drive Engagement and Sales

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Why it Works

No more either/or.

Until now, marketers were forced to choose between either and or. They had to focus on either national or local, digital or physical, branding or selling, online traffic or in-store sales. Cofactor changes this and helps marketers achieve the best of all worlds.

Our Work

You’re in good company.

The nation’s top brands trust Cofactor with their content.

Learn how to say: “No more either/or.”

Take a look at some of our best Client Work to see how Cofactor is converting online engagement into offline results for retailer + big brands.

We can integrate with any vendor or partner to ensure our clients can deliver their content effortlessly across all channels + devices. To see who we’re already working with visit our Partners page.

Need more context? Download a free Case Study, eBook, or Research Study from our Resources page.